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Homes West is an organisation that prides itself on being a family governed service.  We have the expertise available to support people across a wide range of age groups, from the young adults through to mature members of the community.



Getting Started


In the initial stages, there is an opportunity to access a consultant for each person, including family and friends. Through this work it is hoped that families will keep expanding their vision of a rich and meaningful life, for their family member. There will be access to information, support, stories and concrete strategies, helping make dreams a reality.


For the Long Term


Homes West will provide each person and their family the ability to enact their vision and plans, by providing regular quality time with the Development Workers to:-

Employ, induct, establish and then oversee a team of workers,  who will support each person to live an inclusive life;

Shield the family from bureaucratic processes and troubleshoot when required; and

Offer administration support, to manage funding and meet statutory requirements and obligations.

Our Services

Our Services

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Our vision is to enable individuals to achieve their preferred lifestyle choices and have good lives.


Homes West Association Inc. works with families to support people with disability to establish and to live in a home of their own and to be included as active and valued members in their local community.

Our Role

Our role is to provide a service that arranges individualised support and seeks the best possible options, for each individual to engage in a lifestyle of their choice.


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Office Hours


Mon - Fri:

8.30am to 4pm



07 3278 2378