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Support Staff

Kellie Derham

Kellie joins Homes West as a part-time Development Worker after over 16 years’ experience working in the disability sector. She has held a variety of roles including Support Worker, Key Worker, Support Circle Member, Support Circle Facilitator and Mentor.  Studying a Bachelor and then Honours degree of Social Science, majoring in disability, has not only supported her practical approach but has given her new insights into the profession she loves. Kellie has a background in Family Support and enjoys helping the people she supports to live a good life. Kellie enjoys walking with friends, especially near the water, and dreams of walking the Camino one day.

Luke O'Sullivan

Luke joined Homes West in 2016 as a part-time Development Worker.  He began working in the disability sector in 2007 in Sydney, as an arts facilitator. Since then Luke has continued to work in facilitating, coordinating and support roles. He currently works as both a development worker, with Homes West, and a support worker with a person and his family who self-manage their support.  Luke enjoys working with people and being part of the ongoing conversation toward greater inclusion for people with all abilities. When Luke is not working, he loves to travel and share good food with family and friends.

Committee of Management (2016)


Pam Foote - Chairperson

Tim Foote - Treasurer

Cathie Rogers - Secretary

Matthew Carroll - Member

Basil Listopad - Member

Frank Dineen - Member

Jill Hole - Member

Michele Sophios - Member


Our support workers are employed to join a team of workers who support one person with a disability. They have a broad range of skills and experiences. They are carefully screened by the coordinator, interviewed by the person with a disability and a family member. They are matched with the requirements of the person they are required to support. They receive a comprehensive induction which includes values based training, focusing on how best to support the person they will be supporting. They are required to be First Aid and CPR certified and possess a Disability Services Qld positive notice card (Yellow Card).

Our Approach



Homes West is a person-centred service with staff employed to support each individual to achieve their personal dreams and aspirations.


Each support worker has a defined role and is selected by the person with the disability, the coordinator and family/friends.


Individuals and their families choose staff typically for their values, attitude, energy and interests.


Homes West prefers people who have not been employed by large conservative services. However, this experience does not preclude employment.


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Office Hours


Mon - Fri:

8.30am to 4pm



07 3278 2378